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Our Mission:


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To assist and serve our participants in an atmosphere that promotes personal and professional success in every manner as it relates to being a productive member of our community.

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Maximize participant achievement through education, expanded awareness, and self-mastership.


KCA believes that all individuals regardless of race, gender, or economic background, deserve high- quality learning experiences. Through various grants and funding, our goal is to provide FREE to low cost quality programs and services to our community’s most vulnerable population-those who need us the most and are unable to afford it. We are committed to enhancing the learning process by attempting to meet their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs.



million kids are in afterschool programs

We provide a stellar afterschool educational program (Extended Learning Afterschool Program) to enrich the learning of kids in Grades K-5.



percent of charitable giving comes from individuals

which is the vast bulk of American philanthropy. Click here to make a charitable donation to Kings Christian Academy!



percent of volunteers

say that volunteering enriches their sense of purpose in life. Click here to view our volunteer opportunities!


January 2019 - Teen Summit Leadership Conference

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